How I can change background and logo of disk decryption screen?

when some body have encrypted operations system in dictatorians countries , that mean`s police will arrest him. how I can change background and logo of disk decryption screen?

As far as I know, it’s not configurable, but since Qubes is open-source, you can always just build your own and change whatever you like.

how I do that?

decryption screen theme is here /usr/share/plymouth/themes/qubes-dark/qubes-dark.plymouth


For those cases, it can be nice to have a working Alpine installed in a SD card that works without encryption, and autologin enabled into xfce/gnome/plasma, and make it the default boot entry.

If someone boots on your computer, they see something looking like a regular laptop.

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One can do it without SD Card. Install Ubuntu and then Qubes OS, set booting Ubuntu - a default option.

Of course, it’s just you don’t lose precious fast storage using a SD card :smiley:

The disadvantage to an SD card is someone might notice it’s in the slot.

Clearly you’d want to do this with a minimal-sized linux distro…is mint one of those?
Or just use a big enough SSD you don’t have storage issues–I get by on half a terabyte, but then most of my static data is off on a NAS.

Either way, dual boot is strongly discouraged.

i haven`t this path , but I have this in the path

“themes” directory
“plymouth.defaults” file

thats need big size :sweat_smile: of sd
i am having in my ssd big vault 300GB and windows for graphics design and penetration testing os and more . i am using everything into qubes for security a best choice. but I searching about how I can customize everything I needed on QubesOS

i make changed in /usr/share/plymouth/themes/qubes-dark/qubes-dark.script
now when shutdown everything working good
but during start my changes not working

how I can fix that?

Did you rebuild the theme with plymouth-set-default-theme -R *theme*?

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try sudo dracut --verbose --force to rebuild initramfs image

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thanks bro