How does trim service configure itself in qubes?

I have setup disk trim for my SSD that QubesOS uses, following the official guide: Contents/ at master · Qubes-Community/Contents · GitHub

Now, the guide makes some allusions about if one wants to have disk trim for qubes other than dom0, he should set trim for these qubes, manually. But the guide also gives an exception to Qubes4.1+ about this manual setup requirement.

I have checked and saw my debian minimal based qubes have fstrim.{timer,service} setup by themselves. They work weekly. This was a pleasant surprise taking the toil from me. However, I would like to know, is trimming in debian qubes (also for fedora qubes for that matter) setup by themselves? Or have my dom0 setup for trim somehow got mirrorred “down” the qubes?

My Debian template mounts /rw with the discard option, I think it’s enough to just run trim in dom0.

Mine too. But who put the fstrim.timer in there?

It’s the default in many Linux distributions, have you checked if it’s the Debian default?

My guess would be that it’s just the Debian default configuration.