How does /rw/home/user directory work?

According to the “Config files” section of the docs, the /rw directory can be used to persist changes across qubes that share the same template (correct me if I am wrong).

I have created a file on /rw/home/user/.config directory from my qube1. Then shutdown the qube1. And fired up the qube2 (which share the same template with qube1). But qube2 doesn’t see the file I created on /rw/home/user/.config directory. What gives? Doesn’t the files on /rw directory get replicated among the qubes that share the same template?

Another test for the same point: I created another file on /rw/home/user/.config directory, but this time using the template of qube1 and qube2. However, that file still doesn’t show up on the qube1 and qube2 's /rw/home/user/.config directories. Why?

How can I actually use /rw directory to replicate my dotfiles across the qubes and not have to copy the same dotfiles one by one to the qubes themselves?

Can’t you use /etc/skel in the template for your dot files?

/rw the part of the file system that is saved for each appVM, it’s not shared between all appMVs using the same template.

I think I can use /etc/skel on the templateVM for replicating the dotfiles across app qubes. However, the official documentation doesn’t mention /etc/skel folder for “Config files” topic. Why? Is there a way to do it not wit /etc/skel but with /rw directory?

Also, doesn’t changes in the /etc/skel directory affect the newly created qubes after the changes in /etc/skel? Does /etc/skel get copied everytime an existing app qube started (so that the dotfiles I place in there get reflected as the latest modified versions of the dotfiles) ?

It’s the skeleton files, they are used for creating new users, but you can just copy the files to /home if you want an updated version. You could do this automatically when you log in, if you really wants this, but it would override all local changes.

I am trying to not do that. I would like the config files to have replicated among my selection of app qubes, and get updated as I update them from one of app qubes.

Is this possible to do with qubes? “Config files” documentation isn’t clear on that.

Try it via /rw/config/rc.local

Something like this, I suspect.

It might look unclear and/or complicated, but I’m willing to further clarify.