How does KDE version gets updated and by who

I’m just curios how/when does KDE releases within qubes rolls out. Perhaps someone in particular is responsible for them?

Is there any info on when can we expect version 5.25?

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Stock KDE from fedora repo should generally be working well on QubesOS. There’s a package to customize kde to be more qubes-specifc ( like colorized window borders ), and the new application menu will replace the Kickoff launcher of KDE.

Personally I’m using KDE 5.27 on fc37 dom0, and there’s almost nothing I can complain about, except there may be some missing icon on the panel.

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Can you please tell how you installed the latest version(or how to install specific version)?
I installed mine with sudo qubes-dom0-update kde-settings-qubes as docs suggest.

That should be enough to have the latest version. For confirmation you can see the version of plasma-workspace package.

Maybe I don’t get this correctly, but I thought plasmashell --version is giving me the right answer. I have 5.18.5. How do you check plasma-workspace version?

And besides, I know that floating panels are introduced only from version 5.25 and I don’t have that option.

If you are on Qubes R4.1, then that’s the latest you can ever get ( except you pull the source code and compile yourself :slight_smile: ). Because 5.18.5 is the latest version in fc32’s repo. If you try Qubes R4.2, then fc37 dom0 has KDE 5.27.