How do you use Qubes Policies?

@unman When I have 45ish minutes free I’ll go more in depth. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be unclear, it made sense in my head when typing it: 1 corresponds to first bullet point of original post, and so on.

For ”1” here are the specifics:

@UncleBob - It’s a problem at my end.
I use mailing list mode, and when a thread is split, I have no
idea what the original topic might have been.
That means that if you refer to a post in the original thread, I’m
just lost.
Look forward to some more detail.


How do you configure it this way ?

So, an amnesiac property for clipboards (global or qube specific) is something you’d like?

Seeking feedback on some design stuff! In this thread: Feedback Sought: System/Global Settings & Policies UI stuff