Feedback Sought: System/Global Settings & Policies UI stuff

Hi folks! Looking for some feedback, on my latest wireframes (on Invision) for bringing Policy management into the GUI. Note: Tor is unlikely to be friendly to Invision, as are some browser-based privacy tools. If folks need static JPGs, let me know and I can create a set. There’s 23 pages, total, in this click-around quasi-prototype. Much as I’d like to be able to make this work more accessible, the goal with this format it to enable quick ideation. So, higher res JPGs is sadly the only option I have, for broadening its reach.

Wireframes followed the design brief, at this link:

If folks have a lot of thoughts, please come to the design review—yet to be scheduled (if you’d like to attend, please comment here about when works for you, in UTC time—I’m in Oregon, USA). Synchronous discussion is significantly more helpful and efficient to suss through on subjective points, than asynchronous written feedback. If you have small points of feedback, or cannot participate in synchronous discussion, written feedback is totally ok, too!