How do you Move the Files from a qube to dom0?

How do you move the files from a qube to dom0?

How to copy to Dom0

It is deliberately not easy, but is explained here

If you downloaded in a qube called download, and the file is in
/home/user/downloads/, then you run in dom0:

qvm-run -p download 'cat /home/user/downloads/ ' >

Replace “download” with the name of your qube, and “” with the
name of the file.

qvm-run is used to run commands on qubes.
-p passes the input/output from the qube to dom0, so you can see what is happening.
cat prints out the contents of a file.

So this command dumps the contents of the file from the “download” qube
to dom0.
Of course, we don’t want the contents appearing on the screen, so we use
the redirector > to get that content and put it in to a file in dom0.

Copying files in to dom0 is generally discouraged, and you should be
aware of the risks in doing this.