How do you install pureos, openbsd or linux mint in qubes? Any s-b-s guide i have missed on the forum?

How would you install linux mint or pureos in qubes? Any step-by-step guide? The guides section might have something if i missed it… Never tried installing another os in qubes yet!
Could be fun to try out! openbsd seems nice to try out sometime… never tried it.

HVMs allow you to create qubes based on any OS for which you have an installation ISO, so you can easily have qubes running Windows, *BSD, or any Linux distribution. You can also use HVMs to run “live” distros.

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HVM’s… I will remember that and try it out! Sounds cool! Thanks

Could someone please link a step-by-step guide on how to install and set up ubuntu from an iso in qubes? I need to set up ubuntu like …now. In a hurry.
I did start to try this now but on my own i picked HVM in settings and then picked an iso in another appvm… booted up. This is the wrong way…The other docs seems outdated right? I can o only pick standalone VM in create a new cube…

guess i could use this now…

But an iso step by step would had been good also…

This is also great:

But i would still want some up to date, step-by-step iso guide instead of rpm’s… Where can i find that online?
I did reach seabios so i might be on the right path. How do i install ubuntu? I need to run it and install it… how? I only got to seabios just now…
Ok i need to learn more about how to set up templates and such another time for an iso. It’s not going easy right now. wanna boot a live iso and then install it. Complicated OS if you don’t know how it works…
edit. i got the ubuntu iso to run…just used more memory. It has a default disposable fedora template… lets see how it goes. No template in the first setting i picked none i think… interesting! Installing anyways…
Gotta set up networking then its done. OK! Set up my first iso in qubes! NICE. So you just set the dns and ip manually in the HVM’s created from the iso… awesome! That way you can pick any network and switch also in Qubes. Perfect. Today i learned.
How do you get full-screen though? alt+f11 don’t work. Yeah i might need to restart qubes…
Qubes virtualization is the best i have tried. Way faster then virtualbox! And qemu. This is great. :slight_smile:

ok so i need usb also… Gonna read about that also… qrexex not connected error. .
How do i fix the issue where can’t switch usb to a newly created hvm? I can switch to default qubes appvm’s as normal.

Set display resolution to be the same as dom0 display resolution then Alt+F11 will work.

Either try to install qubes agents to make USB work or you can try this:

Thanks. Is it the same with an ubuntu installation? that was what i installed… And i could not get it in fullscreen with alt-f11…

Are you talking about Alt+F11?
It should work. I’ve just checked by using Live ISO of SystemRescue and I could enter fullscreen with Alf+F11 after I’ve changed SystemRescue display settings to have the same resolution as dom0.

I could have set it up wrong… Are there any step-by-step guide out there maybe?

Just search for ubuntu change screen resolution.

You are probably right… . I have not even tried that yet. Gonna try it. Listen to the doh sound, does it echo;)

Thanks fopr sharing your knowledge… So this then?

In Ubuntu, I dont know why the linux tips didn’t work for you.

Try this: edit /etc/default/grub:


Then: sudo update-grub

You wont be able to change the resolution, but you should be able to get whatever largest size is supported.

Sometimes changing the video can help: qvm-features ubuntu video-model cirrus

It doesn’t work if you just change it like this?

Yeah it does change when i do it in the HVM… But i need to find the right resolution to change it too… It might be that sidebar on the left in Ubuntu that “mess it up” some… How do you find the right resolution? Just by feeling right?
It’s slightly off. But it works fine also… Just some details.

In dom0:
Q → System Tools → Display

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Great. yeah i had 1366x768… But i could not use that one, so i used 1360x768 and it works nicely. Yeah i can’t complain. Great OS! Sweet. My speed of learning this operating system is like vacuum, maybe not but still… I’m learning. No rush…
I could see myself using this os for a long time! Especially now if i get how isos, usb and this works… I learnt some about the connections earlier… The next step later on could be maybe protection, aide and such… In a years time… nah but when i feel like it.
Just a good OS! Maybe the best. Great virtualization also. I kinda start to get this OS. 8%. hehe
I’m no coder and don’t want to get it like that… But i start to “get a hang” of the OS. Sweet! I want to learn openbsd in the future, or just try it out… and now i can install that in Qubes also in learning. That’s awesome. Way better virtualization then virtual-box in windows of-course, or virtual-box on linux. Thanks for sharing and that USB trick was nice.