How do you enable slow keys on qubes?

I’m wondering how you enable slow keys in qubes? With the keyboard. What button do you press or combination? Thanks

Qubes OS uses Fedora with xfce in dom0 by default, so you could find the answer from that system. It’s in the Menu → System Tools → Accessibility → Keyboard. This is without a keyboard though. I’m not sure how to do it without a mouse.

Ok thanks. Because it turned on automatically after i booted up once. Why is that? Said slow keys enabled or slow keys. Flashed on the screen. Paranoid as i am i thought someone was messing with my computer without asking.

You are not alone, however, I’ve periodically seen that with no Qubes installed so it’s something outside of Qubes. Possible but not proven indicator of something bad (conspiracy theories can spiral out of control, is it evidence of someone utilizing IME? for instance), too little evidence to date - poorly documented/researched.

Addendum: looked again for any site with potential info regarding this & turned up a Redhat page that could correlate to the experience we know -

Frankly, I’ve even had to wonder whether or not it could have been the product of solar winds (ions) or neutrinos affecting silicon but just as frankly how come it happens to me as often as it has…plus the odd alternative occurrences - beside slow keys there were other items like something regarding the display [on a laptop with one display & no externally attached display at all] settings that I haven’t seen recently enough to recall specifics.