How do I preconfigure other apps for DispVMs?

I’m familiar with the guide to teach you how to preconfigure Firefox for DispVMs.

But I wonder how you can also do it for other apps you might want for a disposable VM. The apps on my mind are…

  • qBittorrent
  • Ungoogled Chromium
  • Librewolf
  • Claws and Mutt/Neomutt

Anyone know how to preconfigure those apps (and others) for DispVMs?

You perform the configuration in the disposable template, shut it down and reboot the corresponding disposable.

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This actually isn’t enough and/or accurate always, especially involving settings that aren’t stored in home directory, but even then.

The full answer would include situations where it is needed to store settings (even) from the dispVM to a template’s /etc/skel direcotry then to recreate dispVM’s dvm template.

Yes, if your configuration involves other directories than just /home, then you are likely an advanced user and should also consult this.

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