How do I get wifi working on this device

My apologizes if this has been documented but things feel difficult to find. Been wanting to try out this OS for a long time however both ethernet and wifi are not working. Im pretty sure an update would solve this but i have no way to. Is there a way to sideload the linux firmware via usb? (I assume this is because Fedora works flawlessly on my device)

To be specific

its an HP Pavilion Gaming TG01-1020
which has a realtek wifi combo card which ive heard has mixed compatibility with Qubes.

If there any specific commands i can run to assist you guys in helping me please let me know

Although most :penguin: distros title the necessary packages firmware-*, no networking indicates lack of support for your card. You’re missing the “drivers” for your card.

Check the kernel version said Fedora is using, try to use it or something close to it within Qubes.

The two quickest ways to add support/“drivers” for your card are:

A) Install a modern kernel which includes support for the device in question + revision etc.

B) Identify & install the driver yourself.

IIRC, the latest r4.1 RC includes the kernel-latest option during install (haven’t actually tried it yet myself). Thus, for the sake of simplicity, you could probably just reinstall using this RC + kernel-latest options and, be off-to-the-races.

You certainly could do this but, this would entail verifying the packages origins + signature which, may or may not be within your abilities.

If you are unsure of what you’re doing & considering you chose Qubes OS for specific “reasons”, system integrity ought be one of them and, to preserve such; it’s best to avoid creating “dirty” habits.

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