How do I format my LUKS disk encryption?

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I’ve been using an older version of Qubes on my laptop and I encrypted its disk using luks.

I want to reinstall qubes to the newest version but I cant overwite my encrypted disk.

How do format my disk?

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Are you talking about owerwriting in Qubes installer?
What error are you getting?
If you have a problem in Qubes installer you can try to boot from some other LiveUSB system and format your disk there.

Yes Im talking about overwriting it in the qubes installer.

It says I have no space left on my SSD and that I have to reclaim space. I go to reclaim space (from the qubes installer) by deleting the encrypted disk but I doesnt delete it.

You also have to click on the “–” icon to actually delete it.

Otherwise, press ctrl + alt + f2 to open tty, lsblk to show available disks, and then sgdisk --zap-all DISK to remove all partitions.

If it’s an nvme ssd, it’ll most likely be /dev/nvme0n1 (you have to select the block device, not a partition, so don’t include p#.)
So the full command will be sgdisk --zap-all /dev/nvme0n1.
(I should add that this command will not produce a warning, so use with caution)

Finally press ctrl + alt + f6 to return to the gui installer, in the disk selection press “Refresh” (bottom right, it’s in blue) and confirm.