How do i expose VT-X or SVM to a Qube

I’m trying to do some dev work in my dev qube but cannot debug any app as i need to use the emulator to run it.

is it possible to expose these to the Qube? and if so how?

ADB over network in your phone, then in your dev qube adb connect to ipport-from-your-phone-settings helps?
I’m not in the matter and this is the only thing I remember I read somewhere, so please disregard if not related.

I could but since its my only phone and i don’t have a landline i don’t want to take any risks with it.

  1. In dom0, edit /usr/share/qubes/templates/libvirt/xen.xml and comment out the lines
    ~ line 17 (with a comment that says ‘disable nested HVM’) that disable passthrough of the
    svm and vmx instructions.

  2. Next, in dom0, navigate to /etc/libvirt/libxl.
    Open the .xml file that matches the name of the VM you want to enable these extensions in.
    Change the ‘feature policy=disable’ to ‘feature polic=enable’ for the vmx and svm instructions.

  3. Read the warnings in No virtualization is available in a HVM qube · Issue #4104 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub
    that this will weaken your system’s security, as Xen’s nested virtualization is considered
    experimental. This doesn’t change on Qubes 4.1, if that’s what you are using.
    Xen versions and feature support matrix

Best if you only do this with a Qube that has never connected to the internet,
to minimize the chance that the guest will be compromised, which could in
turn lead to an easy breakout.

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using ADB is probably safer in this case since i’d need internet access for some functions, but thanks for the info :slight_smile: