How do i edit the subcontext menu in qubes manager when I rmc?

I find that qubes manager is the underlying program on my screen and i’d like to be able to rmc on a server and, for example select open file manager, or open browser, or open terminal and for that server to boot up and the relevant window open up.

I know i cant do that at the moment but whatever reason i seem to automatically go there when i want to do something like that. then gawp at it dumbfoundedly for a moment before remembering that i need to use the start menu instead.

What I wou;d rather do is for there to be an option above settings saying Launch Server and … with a sub sub menu saying browser/file manager/terminal, but given everyone will no doubt want something different, away for each quber to customise it to their own preference would be better (perhaps under a line at the bottom of this submenu an option saying ‘edit subcontext menu’ so people can easily do so). Then underneath settings id have shut down (or update and restart, then update and shutdown). Beneath that I would maybe have kill server (presumably it is there in case of an emergency, so why is it all the way down at the bottom of the list?) With a seperate non-mission critical option underneath in case of sweaty palmed mis-clicks - maybe quaratine server so that it cant affect anything else but still be studied? and then finally clone server. because you woukldnt want to clone a server that you otherwise mught want to kill, but if you cloned a quarantined server, well, it is still quarantine so no big deal.

At the moment the list of options seems to be setup in a developer-type context rather than a user-type context, with a lot of options that are not relevant for most users.

I’d also like to remove Launch Qubes Windows tools because given it is functionally useless at the moment i seem to accidentally press on it way too much.

Also, as an aside (not the point of this request to tell me how i can edit my own submenus), particularly given the oft raised request for more colours/folders/patterns to distinquish between different vm’s in the qubes manager window, would it not be worth seperating the list of vm’s in the qubes manager into three tabs, with the content of each tab matching the content of the three tabs in the start menu (Apps/Templates/Services)? Because I was reflecting on why I always feel a little confused when I go to start menu (in a way that i dont feel when i go to qubes manager) is because the same list of VMs is laid out in two completely different ways. And given the most immediate rejoinder to this might be ‘but all the vm’s in qube manager need to be visible in case of a problem’ well, at the moment they arent all visible anyway, some of them are offscreen by beng further down the list. it isnt as if all the online ones get raised to the top. There could even be some sort of ‘always on top’ widget in a similar fashion to Kodachi or even the windows widgets from vista that uses a section of the users screen as a console for users to keep an eye on key information whilst they go about their daily business.

The code is in /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/qubes-manager in 4.1: any one can
hack this if they want, but a decent backup is necessity. You run the risk of
borking your system, depending on what you do.

Personally I dont use the Qube Manager.
You could set keyboard shortcuts for launching applications in
specific qubes, or in the focussed qube. (i.e if Work qube file manager
has focus, a shortcut could open editor in that qube.)
I use KDE which makes this process very easy.