How do I delete all my backup?

Hello guys, I’m doing about one backup per day and they are pretty heavy ( more than 60gb ). I don’t know how can I erase the old backups, any idea? I’m saving the backup in the / filesystem folder

Edit : I literally can’t press the delete button, he is grey.

Any thought?

I cant see your image.
But the likely explanation is permissions.

Open a terminal in dom0 - cd /, then try rm BACKUP_FILE, followed
by sudo rm BACKUP_FILE

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It say nothing, just giving me a new line, and the file didn’t moved

What qube (VM) do you make your backup to? dom0 so something else?

Almost certainly it’s about permissions and ownership, the file probably belongs to root and user have no right to modify or remove it (due to permissions). It should be easily removable using terminal or something like mc if you want GUI.

Hello, finally I found a way to delete the old backup on dom0 but I actually didn’t know that it was possible to install the backup on a VM, how are you doing it? I can’t find the directory of my templates

If you use GUI (Qubes ToolsBackup Qubes from the XFCE menu):

  • Start a qube that has enough space (set space in its settings)
  • In the Backup Qubes tool you should see the option to select Target qube and directory path inside the qube. It even supports setting path using directory selection dialog (button with ...).

Target qube is not a TemplateVM qube, but a usual template-based qube, like personal, vault and etc.

It would be helpful to other users if you explained how you were
able to delete those files, and what the problem was.

I’m having the same issue can someone please help me thanks

If you are having the same issue, then use the solution I offered:

Open a terminal in dom0 - change directory to wherever the file is ,
then try rm BACKUP_FILE, followed by sudo rm BACKUP_FILE
replacing BACKUP_FILE with the name of the file.

Alternatively you can mount offline storage to your Backup Qube; once mounted it looks to the backup program as just more space on that Qube, though of course you have to specify the path to the mount point you specified.

(This is how I can do the apparently insane act of backing up to a disposable Qube…it mounts offline storage.)

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