How do I change the Net qube of an existing qube using command line tools?

How do I change the Net qube of a single existing App or Standalone qube using qubes command line tools?

I can see that I’m able to set a default Net qube using qvm-prefs however I dont see any options to change this for a single qube.

You’re on the right path, the qvm-prefs property to set is netvm.

The properties that are available to all VMs are listed here (sorry I found no permalink to netvm);

How are you doing this? I may be missing something, but the above applies to individual VMs.

I’m guessing that dom0 probably has a default_netvm property? (It is not listed in the common properties but I suppose it wouldn’t if it wasn’t common to all VMS and was specific to dom0 instead.)

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I didnt, I misread the docs, you were right this applies to individual VM’s - I need more sleep lol.
The following works:
qvm-prefs personal netvm sys-firewall

Thanks for answering all my questions today.

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