How did my qubes upgrade to 4.1.2?

Somehow my qubes upgraded to 4.1.2. I presumed that you had to go through all the installation guide business, so I have not had the time.

I did do a dom0 update recently. Did that somehow upgrade it? Can I dowgrade back to 4.1.1? The reason being is the update did not manually go through me like I did with 4.1.1, so I cannot verify checksums, etc after the fact.

Yes, your system upgraded to 4.1.2 when you updated dom0. Minor version changes like these are fine to upgrade in this manner.

The dom0 update process verifies signatures and hashes for package updates. There is no need to manually perform this step.

If you truly need to revert, someone else can probably assist with that.

Lastly, if you have a requirement to perform these kind of updates manually to dom0, then I recommend you follow the How to update documentation on using Salt to update dom0. (Iā€™m actually not sure if that gives you the ability to say Y/N to the upgrade confirmation.)

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Please see:


That sure is nicer than having to mess with all my VM backups.