HOw come I don't see them

OK guys, so dom0 see’s my 1tb ssd as I see it in disk when I click the icon up top by time and it shows attached to dom0 BUT when I open dom0 file manager they do not show up in the left hand window pane? ntfs-3g is installed as well. So how do I get this 1td ssd to show up or where to I find it in dom0 as it see’s it?

Alright I left out somethings. I have sys-usb already created but this 1tb SSD is attached to my Sata controller where actual qubes is installed and I didn’t use it when I installed qubes 4.1 so it is just so sitting there and has files on it i need to move to user in dom0.

dom0 is supposed to be as isolated as possible for security and shouldn’t directly mount partitions and interact with files. I’m not saying there’s never a need to mount an external HDD to dom0, but I’m just posting this in case people don’t know much about handling block devices (disks, partitions, etc.).

Usually the disks (or just partitions of those disks) are given to different qubes (a “qube” is a virtual machine in Qubes) with the GUI or with the qvm-block command.

For example, my movies, music and TV shows I have a media qube that I give a few big partitions full of, well, media files to. “Media” doesn’t have internet access because it doesn’t need it to play files.

Some personal stuff I could put in other qubes. You might have a qube for personal documents, another one with work-related files that has internet access, etc. Each qube could get a few partitions.

Please go over this article as it explains the foundations of handling block devices in Qubes:

If you already know this, at least I hope that this could be useful to others.

@LadyPropane thank you and yes I already know this. So then I move the folder I want to another vm. So what now need to move the hole folder to dom0 /home/user.

How do I do that (move folder) /home/user/pictures?

I want to move this folder as it has all my wallpapers and art work I did and it contains well over 3,000 pictures…

If you want to copy or move a folder (or directory, whatever) from one qube to another qube, you can use qvm-copy or qvm-move:

For copying or moving from dom0, use qvm-copy-to-vm or qvm-move-to-vm:

But just to reiterate, there is rarely a case where you would need to have your pictures in dom0 in the first place (unless they are screenshots of the system, I guess) or mount an external hard drive in dom0 at all.

If you have a hard drive with pictures that you would want accessible to a qube, attach it to the qube, perhaps permanently (there was an option for that). If you want to transfer only some of the files to that qube, you could attach the hard drive to the qube and copy the files to the internal storage of that qube, then detach the drive. Or, as i like to do, you can create a disposable qube with no networking, copy the files to it, then transfer those files to the destination qube. But the disk would never be mounted in dom0 during the process.

Again I already understand this well. These are in a vm BUT they do not “set as wallpaper” to any of my 4 work spaces from within that vm to dom0. That’s the problem, so they have to be move to dom0 /home/user

Ah, I just now understood that you want to transfer wallpapers to dom0. I misread “to” to “from” before :sweat_smile:.

The link about copying from dom0 I posted also has a section for copying to dom0 as well. It mentions wallpapers specifically.

Yes that’s what I need BUT it states file not folder.
I need to copy hole folder, if not this will take very very long to do 3000 wallpapers

I guess you can always tar cvf pics.tar ./pictures and send it as a file, but that doesn’t seem like an elegant solution.

You are missing the point. This “screenshot” tool SUCKS!! I have already try it in Active Window. I catches the boarders of the app and the mouse cursor AND when I select a region the hole screen goes blank and don’t k now what I am getting.
Screenshot tool was GREAT in 4.0.x
I could select a region and "click & drag my cursor and select and then save.
Thje DSevs REEALLY need to fix this “screenshot” tool in 4.1

I meant that you can tar the folder to a single wallpapers.tar file and do the steps from the link above on that file to copy it to dom0, then untar the file in dom0 to get the directory with all the files inside.

As for the screenshot thing - I just tried it in 4.0 and 4.1 and it seems to work the same for me (I use the default one that comes with XFCE, I think). Before making the screen shot I right click on the window title and select “Fullscreen” or just do alt + space and then f. In my experiments didn’t get the mouse cursor or borders in the screenshot. BTW I didn’t know about that for like a year and never fully fullscreened my windows, even for movies… :man_facepalming:

I think you had a different tool in 4.0 than me. It’s the same for 4.0 and 4.1 for me.

Edit: If I press the Print Screen button, it doesn’t include my cursor. If I start the screenshot tool by typing xfce4-screenshooter and then do a screenshot, it includes it. But there’s an option “Capture the mouse pointer” when I start it via CLI (you can uncheck it). But using Print Screen or Alt + Print Screen shouldn’t capture the cursor.

@LadyPropane thank you for your time. I am just frustrated right now for some reason qubes keeps crashing and my computer keeps rebooting. So I don’t know if it’s hardware “which I am kind of thinking it is” I OCed memory and jack up the CPU just a little,so I’m thinking maybe power failure…As they say ( nothing ventured,nothing gained). This little guy has brought me far into the Linux world from unbuntu, to debian, to BlackArch and to finally rest at Qubes. Still learning and growing but the best thing Linux and you pros have tought me… Stay the fu** away from windows,LOL!!!

So for the time being I will just keep training on this build of qubes until my “beast” server arrives for my qubes master build I want to do. I found a diamond and after 2 weeks of talking with this guy, I finally got it for a good deal…

Haswell 12c x2 =24c
DDR4 up to 1tb memory @2166
Nvdia k2000

Lots of power, I checked all the hardware specs against the HCL Sven’s got going on and Intel ark repo white papers and I believe Qubes OS will run GREAT on this beast.

Anyway have a good night.