How can we get the Start/Windows keyboard button to open the Qubes Menu on the top left?

How can I get the Start button to open the qubes menu that opens if you click the logo on the top left?

Alternatively, would it be possible set the Start button to to display all running qubes like it does on Fedora?

Qubes Menu > System Tools > Keyboard > Application shortcuts tab, add an entry for Super L shortcut with the qubes-app-menu command.

The below ideas could help :

  • Qubes Manager with the Running filter
  • qubes-app-menu with the favorites page (see qubes-app-menu --help).
  • the Qubes Domains icon in the XFCE tray bar shows the running qubes (but I don’t know how to map a keybard shortcut to a widget)
  • the XFCE panel shows the opened windows for the current workspace
  • middle-click on the XFCE background show all the windows for all the workspaces (so the running qubes with a window).

For the last alternative or Qubes Domains, if you find the dedicated command, you could map it to an Application shortcut.

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Save the following script to dom0, make it executable and set up a keyboard shortcut that calls it with the domains argument. If called with the devices argument, it will open the devices widget. In both cases they can immediately be navigated with the keyboard.

For opening the app menu with the keyboard in a way that avoids certain bugs:


Does anyone know the command for the old 4.1 app menu? I use both the old 4.1 and new 4.2 app menu, one on the left end of the panel and one on the right end.