How can I use vpn? And, How can I open the installed file?

Dear all

I `m Qubes beginner. I have two question.

1.How can I use vpn?
2.How can I open the installed file?

About Q1
I just want to use vpn(proton vpn etc.) in Whonix Qube. But some site says 「you have to setup another Qube for only vpn」.Really?..I have to setup another Qube?

About Q2
I can install file. But its not opened in whonix. I tried open the installed file in terminal, for example [exe. file ] . But it`s not work.

I tried to solve problem.But I `m beginner. Would you teach solution only simple word?
help me!

For Q1, yes it’s much better to create a dedicated qubes for your vpn. As explained in the documentation:

Like that,your configuration won’t affect your other AppVms and your VPN will be easier to manage for your other devices. I also use ProtonVpn and the method described in the documentation works wonderfully! However, don’t forget that the password Your VPN is different from your email! (I mention this because I made this mistake at the time lol) If you’re worried about the size, in my case , it doesn’t even weigh 100MB :wink:

For your Q2, I don’t really understand it. Which file are you talking about? Why install a vpn in whonix? And why Are you talking about a file.exe???

Thank you response. I am proton user too. I usually installed vpn for exe.file.
I think difficult understand your talking. But I will try it.
Sorry late reply.

I asked you why you’re talking about exe files because .exe files are for windows and not for linux :confused:

Oh,I,oh,really? I usually use windows. And I think exefile for all type OS… Actually I first use Linux. Thank you advice.
I search normal way to use vpn in Linux. I think I can do it. But, you talking way is so difficult. Especially part3 「Set up your VPN as described in the NetworkManager documentation linked above. 」. How to linked VPN and NetworkManager? What file type? Openvpn?

If you’ve never used a linux system, maybe using Qubes-os directly isn’t necessarily the easiest way to get acquainted with Linux. The rest of the community, tell me if I’m wrong… If you really want to continue using Qubes, follow the documentation exactly as it writes, it’s very well done And as you can see, the community is very responsive and caring :wink:
As for part 3 (and probably the others), you may need to ask yourself some questions Regarding the “” script. To be simple and basic, the contents of the file and The source code of the “program” and the command “sudo chmod +x” allows you to make it executable, a bit like A Windows.exe file. Anyway, for ProtonVpn, you can find the.ovpn files by clicking on the "OpenVPN / IKEv23…
This documentation, as written, works wonderfully for ProtonVPV…

As @Tezeria said, .exe files are made for Windows. Also, please create a separate topic for your second question: this will make it easier to find answers for new users.

Than you advice.I see. it`s better. I will create new topic.

Thank your kindness!
I want continue using Qubes. I try as you advised!!