How can I see which repository is used for each template?

qvm-template list is not really helpful, as I renamed some of my templates. How can I find out, wheter I am getting security updates fast or only the stable packages?

I think you can only check it manually in the repository configs inside the templates.

Maybe someone skilled can write a script, which checks for the corresponding configs of all template vms (at least the official ones) and print the results?

It is off course possible and easy to do. I just added repolist subcommand to my own personal template update tweak tool. Works with apt, dnf, emerge and pacman based distros. But it is a long script and does a lot of other things (downloading updates, refreshing repositories, updating, installing, removing, listing,…). So you should have a good understanding of bash scripts to understand it and trust it. Commands executed in VMs to get the repolist are from Line 291 to 296.

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