How can I see which partitions Qubes is using?

I am thinking of re-installing with the latest Qubes. To avoid mistakes when I’m deleting partitions, as I also have a windows installation on my ssds, I would like a way to see which partitions qubes is using as I’m dual booting with Windows.

Is there a way to do that? I would also like to figure out which boot partition Qubes is using and how to re-install without screwing everything up.

Look in /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab - here you will see the boot
partition and encrypted partition. (If you went for a less standard
install, this should still cover most cases. If you installed with a
detached header, you would not be asking here.)

The partitions are identified by UUID.
You can map this to partition by using blkid --uuid UUID, cutting and
pasting the UUID.

cfdisk /dev/sdX where sdX identifies your disk should show you all the
partitions for a sanity check, before you start deleting things.
If your Windows is important make sure you have a good backup before you
start any of this.

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