How can I remove a duplicate repo?

Upon installing Fedora 39 template, I entered the install flathub repo command flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub and inadvertently created a duplicate repo (I forgot that it now comes included). How can I remove this duplicate?

I’ve tried opening Gnome Software app > Hamburger menu > Software Repositories and trashcan/removing the duplicate but no matter how many times I confirm this and reopen the app, it persists. I know there are command and GUI ways of removing repos but I’m looking for some guidance to not remove the built-in one.

Can you show a screenshot?

Are you sure that they are duplicate?

You can get more information by using flatpak remotes -d

[user@work ~]$ flatpak remotes -d
'Name    Title           URL                                    Collection ID Subset Filter Priority Options    … … Homepage             Icon
fedora  Fedora Flatpaks oci+ -             -      -      1        system,oci … … -                    -
flathub Flathub           -             -      -      1        system     … …
flathub Flathub           -             -      -      1        user       … …
[user@work ~]$ 

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Btw, I can’t seem to send screenshots to other qubes from dom0 on the Fedora 39 template. Any ideas on that?

I think these are not duplicates. (Not a flatpak user.)
One is for use in a system install, the other for a user install. You
should be prompted as to which one to use.
flatpak list should show you whether you have installed in system or
user mode.
You should be able to use flatpak remote-delete to remove a system
repo. flatpak remote-delete --user for a user repo. Run this command
in template or qube as appropriate.

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