How can i make a closed internet environment

How can i make a closed internet environment something like vmbox inet. I want two running standalone qubes to be able to communicate with each other like lets say i host an apache on my linux qube i want my windows qube to receive it. I want these qubes absolutely isolated no connection with the outside internet.

I didn’t try entirely but it seems easy to create.

  • create a new qube that will act as a router between the qubes, make it “provides network to other qubes” but choose “none” as a netvm
  • create qubes as you need and use the previous one as a netvm.

Then, you will have to allow communication between these qubes.

Can you explain what you mean allow communications?

by default, qubes block all incoming ports for security reasons.

You need to following this guide to allow two qubes to communicate to each other Firewall | Qubes OS

you will certainly want to read the whole page to better understand how both networking and firewalls work in Qubes OS

So i have to modify the firewall, wouldn’t it work right out of the box since i am just using
Qube1 <= newfakenetqube => qube2. Wy would i change the firewall?


Because it blocks everything by default