How can I encrypt a file in a disposable VM before uploading it to somewhere?

I am a very new user and I was looking online and on how to guides but I can’t find any answer to my question. I need to copy paste some information to a text file, encrypt it and upload it and most importantly I want it to be amnesic as much as possible so there if my device is accessed by malicious agenda they have no evidence of me ever having this text data, but I don’t know how to start. Is it possible to do that in a dispoable whonix VM?

Also since we are here, what are my options to store login credentials on the cloud so like a password manager perhaps? or should I just have these login credentials etc. on multiple free clouds in text files, ofc encrypted client side.

If you could direct me to a place even that would help. Thank you all who is kind enough to help.

Hi @RealNoob, welcome to the forum!

The two questions are very distinct.

When it comes to not leaving a trace on your computer, while there are ways to do that in Qubes OS, you need to know that a disposable qube (dispVM) will by default leave traces on your computer. Those might not be visible to you, but a skilled forensic examination could recover some informatiom that was contained in a dispVM. (There are a few threads on this forum that discuss how to prevent that, but I’ll recommend you something else.)

If leaving not trace is important to you, I would suggest you look at the TAILS project, because the system is built for that exact purpose.

Your second question about choosing a password manager is not specific to Qubes OS. You’ll likely be able to use whichever password manager you choose with Qubes OS. If you need advice choosing a password manager, you may find useful guides outside this forum, for example those published by the Freedom of the Press Foundation:

When reading those, always keep in mind what you want to protect, from whom, and how much convenience you are willing to give up in order to enhance the security of that data. That will help you understand better which tool fits best you needs and the trade-offs you’re willimg to make.


Hi, welcome to Qubes.

I’m not a Whonix user, but I would expect there to be some GUI text
If not, then you should be able to use an editor at the command line -
nano, or vi. There’s a basic introduction to vi here

Once you have your text file, you can encrypt it in various ways. Again,
there might be something in Whonix to help you.
If not, then you can simply encrypt like this:
openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -pbkdf2 -p -in FILE_TO_ENCRYPT -out OUTPUT
You’ll be prompted for a password.

You can decrypt the file with that password:
openssl aes-256-cbc -d -pbkdf2 -in OUTPUT -out DECRYPTED_FILE

Qubes doesn’t aim to be amnesic - you can run a qube in a ramdisk -
there’s a separate thread about this.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

Btw I just discovered that I could just encrypt files as well with GPA so that fixes my issue. Thank you for the replies as well.