How can i edit openvpn config files?

hello all i am following the mullvad vpn guide to set it up on qubes and i am at the bit where we have to edit files in open vpn config. I need to remove the ‘#’ from before autostart ‘all’ and can’t seem to figure it out it wont remove it or save , i have used qubes for years and never really and issue i just feel like i am missing something really simple like a key command to edit the file.

any help appreciated

Hi @twentynine12, how are you editing the file? You say it doesn’t work as you expect but don’t say what you’re doing! :slightly_smiling_face:


The vim editor is not intuititve at first. Since the Mullvad guide suggests using this editor, I assume this is the source of your problem. To enter “edit mode” in vim you have to first type “i”, for “insert”. To leave edit mode type the “esc” key, and to exit while saving your edits then type “:wq!”. If vim is not to your liking, the nano editor is also packaged with Debian.

You can get away from using a stand-alone qube, which Mullvad recommends, by instead following the qubes tunnel guide.
qubes-tunnel/ at master · QubesOS-contrib/qubes-tunnel · GitHub