How bad for BIOS/MBR/Hardware IF?

First off I would like to thank the devs,testers and patrons of Qubes-OS. I have it working to it’s fullest powers on a very powerful Server I purchase and was just sitting under the bench that I forgotten about,“can you believe that”? I almost got rid of it but forgot,LOL!!!

This Qubes system is just simply put AWESOME! Been doing my due diligence “studying/reading” the manuals/white papers. Want her to fire on all pistons.

Just simply put “Thank all of you”, for developing something I was looking for with WOW "the power, security and a anonymous work system.

Now too the question at hand.

If each “operating system” is installed to a “separate” drive, for the same computer and I will actually switch between both by selecting a different drive as your boot device every time you boot. By “unplugging” one drive and “plugging” in the other and both are SSD’s, both OS’s are linux based. This is inconvenient, I don’t want a "dual boot system, “as I have read in the doc’s”, both linux base OS’s more then likely will also have different kernels.

I really don’t want to jeopardize Qubes but still want to use my other linux build…

How “bad” OR “hard” will this be on the
BIOS/MBR/Hardware of this computer??? This switching between physical SSD’s??

Again, thank all of you for your time and effort you have put into this Qubes,



This article might give you some ideas.

OMG, I was looking around for something like this and couldn’t find anything. I hope it will work

Thank you

You know being this is a server it does have “Raid”, when I was under the hood rethermaling/change BIOS battery/ reseating stuff I saw the “Raid cables” layout,they are labeled and I bet BIOS has the ability to turn drives “on/off”. I’ll have too check!
This never crossed my mind.
Thank you

This should of course work fine, but may affect your Qubes OS security in case the other system tries to compromise the BIOS.

You may want to look at Anti-Evil-Made to defend yourself.