How about hiding Qubes OS with Veracrypt?


  • Hide Qubes OS obviously.
  • Boot partition is encrypted so you don’t need to worry it’s comprised by the other OS.
  • Easier to backup whole Qubes OS. You just need to copy the Veracrypt volume to backup.

Hidden Operating System using Veracrypt.

Hidden OS of veracypt is only available on Windwos and isn’t available on Linux, so we can’t do it for Qubes OS.

But we can achieve the same goal with luks detached header configuration?

I set up Qubes with full disk encryption. It’s not a “hidden operating system” that you might be able to do with VeraCrypt / TrueCrypt, but I thought that was intended for Windows systems? It would be interesting if it would work to dual boot a system with a decoy system and Qubes hidden. I’ve never tried with new systems (I think I tested this back on Win XP, it has been a while).

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