Horrible network speed

I’ve been having some really terrible network speeds on QubesOS lately. If I check the router directly, the connection to the internet is 200+ Mbps. On a non-tor qube connected to sys-firewall, I get between 240 Kbps & 190 Kbps. On a VPN qube, I get 790 Kbps. On a tor qube, I get about 210 Kbps.
Does anyone have an idea what I can check?


Sounds like network issues or network driver issues. If you have the same issue with other machines, it’s very unlikely to be a Qubes issue. Otherwise check when the network driver was last updated (even then it’s more likely a Fedora/debian issue rather than a Qubes one).

Also, check wireshark for anything obvious (hundreds of TCP retransmissions for example).