HiDPI issues for 4.1

I recently did a clean install of 4.1-rc2. On 4.0 I was using the Display app to manually select 1920x1080. This worked OK except that it always lost the setting after a suspend/resume.

For 4.1, I am leaving the display set at 3840x2160, and have found a series of kluges which more or less seem mostly better (not having to use Display to manually set 1920x1080 being one advantage).

One thing I have yet to track down is how to make certain dom0 apps scale correctly.

None of the Qubes-Tools obey any of the scaling directives I have set. In the Appearance/Settings I have ‘window scaling’ set to 2x. That fixed a lot of things, but I still needed some kluges for the AppVMs.

This works well in VMs derived from certain templates:

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings overrides "[{'Gdk/WindowScalingFactor', <2>}]"

Others require some ~/.Xresource settings for xterm:

xterm*background: black
xterm*foreground: yellow
xterm*faceName: monospace:pixelsize=32

This one illustrates things better. I would like the ‘sys-net settings’ to be scaled more like the ‘Customize your desktop’ settings.

Window on right: good. Window on left: too small.