Hide to use a VPN in qubes

how can I hide in qubes that I use a VPN and still remain anonymous? because some sites recognize and block because you use a VPN or tor .

Stop using those sites. Qubes is not about anonymity, but about security.

try another vpn server / vpn provider / tor exit?
You can’t really hide tor / vpn usage from your ISP because of DPI. Tho I wonder how marketed “traffic obfuscation” fares against it. If it is anything like tor “obfuscation” then it doesn’t make a difference.

He’s not trying that, according to what he wrote.

Try different VPNs, the smaller and more unknown they are the less of a chance that most of the IPs are flagged. (No expert on things like DPI, but seems to me that in practical terms what often is banned are IPs)

Many are white labels really, and the smaller ones might not be trustworthy, so this ain’t necessarily easy…

Another way is of course to use any type or number of VPNs to connect to a clean IP address that you yourself own, rent or get access to.

There will always be a solution, but often the effort involved is not worth the return…

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