Hey Xen Wizard! --> 2 x Qubes-OS Sr. & Jr. researcher positions- $120,000 - $245,000 yr. | TBD on skills | we just cashed in Xen 0day!

Ok you guys take the course!
Show me what you got!

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I am building a team of Xen wizards!

Building a team of wizards, sounds fantastic!
What could possibly go wrong?

So far we have 4 Xen legends already working hard to patch the Qubes-OS RCE.

Legendary wizards? Surely this will be fabulous.

Only windows PV 0day got patched and in the process of reporting thanks
to {knightmare}{author: Secrets of a Super Hacker} fucking legend done
in 45 min!

OMG you got a “fucking legend” already!

This might be a great opportunity for you to cut the bleeding edge with us!

Count me in (extreme sarcasm intended). Cut the bleeding edge with you.
How could I possibly pass up this great opportunity?

We are also planning on how to convert all qvm & qubes command in rust
and go to see who wins.

Spellbound to see how that goes. Please keep us updated.

By Next month we might have a bugbounty program for the qubes-os
community talking to major player for sponsorship attorneys going over
contract as we speak.


Once they signed our NDA and proved the PoCs were valid they got very

Who wouldn’t?

Can you CISC & RISC etc:.?

That depends. Will you sign my NDA?

Do you have a secret clerance or can get one?(We would cover this)

Since you have trouble spelling clearance correctly I’m a bit skeptical.
But what the hell, tell me more.

We will provide a link and you will have 48 hrs. to tell us what’s up!

Oh no, I hope I haven’t missed the deadline :rotflmao:

If you pass that test, then we move to interview with team.

This is a joke, right?

Pls contact me on discord ASAP = xn0px90#2111

Eagerly awaiting your response.

2023 is mine!





[xn0px90] xn0px90 https://forum.qubes-os.org/u/xn0px90
What ever Justin!

Not the serious response I was expecting… but what ever poser.

FYI all you guys are a bunch of trolls!

Says the “guy” pretending he can offer researcher positions- $120,000 -
$245,000 yr?

Not Knightmare but he saw just saw this!
@Knightmare doesn’t come across as a fraud. Unlike you @xn0px90

We just hired everyone we need!

Well done! Sincerely look forward to the fruits of your efforts.

Plus having a dick like your self is just not needed!

I have a strong sense you’ll need more than a dick like me. Please prove
me wrong.

Beware with who you fuck with!


Don’t get doxxed!

I’ll do my best. In the meantime please show me you’re more than just
talk. Dox away!


You too.


Thread is off-topic in ‘All Around Qubes’. Moving to ‘General Discussion’.

Do I have surprise for you!

Yippee! I do love surprises.

Tell us more. :laughing:

ka0ck90 Jr znl unir n terng bccbeghavgl sbe lbh. Jr ner nyjnlf ybbxvat
sbe arj gnyrag. Cyrnfr ivfvg
ng lbhe rneyvrfg pbairavrapr.

Assuming rot13 didn’t befuddle you, “please understand although psychological processing is part of the suitability processing, it is separate from the security processing.”

Worry not, I’m sure your issue(s) can be overcome if you really have something to offer.

$120,000 - $245,000 yr. for Xen RCE devel? Still wondering if you are really serious.


Surprised if others

don’t get the joke.

Really really trying to bare with you.

Sadly comments like


makes it extremely difficult not to :smile:

Please don’t give up @xn0px90.
Surely you have something useful to contribute.

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To everyone else… sorry for the noise.

AFAIK the user is banned, so I don’t find it appropriately to call him out, whatever I’d think about him.

It’s important to be mindful of how our actions and words can affect others, especially in a world where we are all connected in some way or another.

Thanks for the info. Sorry for the noise.

The user is suspended for a cooling off period, not banned. Some of the users additions were a breach of CoC and discussion guidelines, which was disrupting the community. Other posts were useful and helpful so a suspension was the consensus in the moderation team, not a ban

We just ask that everyone who is part of the community adheres to CoC and Discussion guideline requirements.

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