Hewlett-Packard ZBook Firefly 15 G7

Pre installation Tasks:

  1. Disable GPU from BIOS
  2. Increase Video Memory to 512 MB

Optional: Disable Bluetooth from BIOS for security,
Enable thunderbolt, port, disk, and any external port protection.

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Hi @Zaro and welcome to the Qubes OS community. Since this is your first
post, you probably don’t have the ability (yet) to upload files into the
post – right @deeplow?

If you’d like you could email your HCL report to


or if you prefer directly to me:


Once I have the actual YML file I can push it into a pull request for
the website.

Thank you!


I was wondering if you’d be able to help me with installing a Coreboot BIOS on my device.

@Zaro, you should be able to upload the .yml now (just edit your first post and drag-n-drop it).

Please open a new discussion for this and explain the steps you’ve taken already. We try to keep it to one topic per discussion :slight_smile:

Sure. I’ll get to it. I’ll upload the YML as well.

Qubes-HCL-HP-HP_ZBook_Firefly_15_G7_Mobile_Workstation-20210526-033329.yml (747 Bytes)
Qubes-HCL-HP-HP_ZBook_Firefly_15_G7_Mobile_Workstation-20210526-033432.cpiogz (12.1 KB)


@deeplow I have opened a new topic with the concern of creating a new BIOS on Core boot.


Thank you @Zaro, your HCL report is not part of this pull request:

… and will be visible on the website soon!