Help with setting up a vpn conncection


I (Linux noob) love Qubes so far and the documentation on the website is also amazing. The only problem i have is setting up a vpn. I read the official info and many forum posts but i am still not sure what the right/best way is (some solutions are also somewhat old with people saying it doesn’t work anymore). I want to use mullvad (openvpn/wireguard the one that works best) in debian11/ fedora34.

What i want:

  1. completely leak proof and secure setup
  2. i want to connect some templates/appvms and standalones (Fedora/Windows) to the vpn. (separate connections on every vm and also change them sometimes)
  3. doesn’t need much maintenance

Whats the best way to do it? (a somewhat beginner friendly way would be nice but i still want the best setup possible for me)

(A detailed explanation would be very nice)

This method works very well.

Using Mullvad VPN in Qubes

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Hi. I tediously followed the ProxyVM as a VPN gateway using iptables and CLI scripts instructions here to make a VPN Qube, and it works. Since Fedora 34, this method only work in Debian-11.

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thanks i will check it out!

I just setup a VPN using the above proxyvm link, and yes, it works great! Love it!

I created a couple private VPN servers using the github Nyr openvpn install script: