Help! Targeted USB isn't detected

guys i need your help please when i reach the installation process of qubes os, the os can’t detect the second usb of installation it only shows the ssd disk. what’s wrong and how to fix please? btw :
pc: dell latitude 5590
os version: 4.2.1 (the latest)

You can switch to the shell on another TTY by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 in the Qubes OS installer and check if your device is available there or check the log to see why your USB device is not recognized.

this requires some knowledge about writing commands right? i’m not good at that and i’m afraid to screw things up , and i don’t wanna lose this laptop that barely could afford hehe… please bro any other way? is there anyone here who had the same problem also?

There are problems with the USB in 4.2.1 brand new installs. I did not check if they clear up.
I transfer my backups from other machines to a new machine with Read Only (White Protected) media and the sys-usb can’t read them on a new install. No point in making a big fuss…

Just to make sure, you have 2 USB disks: first with Qubes OS installer and second where you want to install Qubes OS on?
Switch to the shell on another TTY by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 and check the output of these commands to see if your USB disk is detected by the system:


You can also try to check the log messages related to USB to see if there are any errors:

journalctl | grep -i usb | less

You can use PgUp/PgDown to scroll the log.

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don’t miss understand me brother it’s not like i’m making a big fuss out of this but i’m a noob at this things and it’s my first time doing something doing such a thing. that’s all