Help" Qvm-Create-Windows-Qube"

Hi, I am beginner and I want to install windows in qubes

I have followed this guide
qvm-run -p --filter-escape-chars --no-color-output work "cat '/home/user/Downloads/'" >
chmod +x && ./

And working successfully

What is the next steps? “simply please”

Hi - that’s not part of the official QubesOs distro, and not sure if it works with the latest release (paging @elliotkillick ). But if it has worked you should be able to see the template in the list of VMs when you click on the Qubes icon (top left by default). Make sure it starts. Then if all is well you can create a new AppVM based on that template. Qubes Tools | Create Qubes VM and use that for your work.

I did these steps


chmod +x && ./

qvm-create-windows-qube -n sys-firewall -oyp firefox,notepadplusplus,office365proplus -i win10x64.iso -a win10x64-pro.xml work-win10

qvm-create-windows-qube -n sys-firewall -oyp steam -i win10x64.iso -a win10x64-pro.xml game-console

outputs :

dom0 ~]$ /home/user/Documents/qvm-create-windows-qube/windows-media/isos/ bash: /home/user/Documents/qvm-create-windows-qube/windows-media/isos/ No such file or directory

what should I do :slight_smile:

I don’t know. It’s possible it doesn’t work with QubesOS 4.1 - this issue from December has gone unanswered

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Microsoft stopped allowing direct downloads of Windows 10 ISOs. You have to download the ISO yourself from their site and then qvm-copy it into the windows-mgmt isos subdir.

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Can you write commands here :slight_smile: