Help Piping Internet Thru USB Wifi Antenna

I just got a Realteck 802.11n Wifi antenna.

The device is recognized when plugged in with no problems.

I’ve tried attaching the device to sys-net, and also created a separate sys-wifi-adaptor.

The problem I’m having is the device doesn’t show up in the Devices tab in the Qube settings.

The device attaches to the sys-net, sys-wifi-adaptor. It just doesn’t pipe internet. I imagine it is because I need to add the Device to the Qube in the Devices tab.

I’ve check the sys-usb → settings → services → network manager.

Am I doing this right? Is there a terminal command I need run to rescan devices before adding it to the Qube? Or is the another way to pipe the network thru the USB port?

Related: When trying to install Qubes before I had an Ethernet port, I set the option to use sys-usb for networking. I couldn’t get it to work. I suspect this might be related?

You’d probably rather want to create and use sys-usb-realtek as netVM (by assigning USB controller where antenna is, to it)

It wouldn’t, because it’s not a PCI device.

@enmus is right. That will work.

You can also change sys-firewall's net Qube to sys-usb, which might be easier…

@Emily, what’s the output of dmesg in sys-net when you attach the USB antenna to it?