Help needed to set up U2F-Proxy on 4.2

Hello, i’m currently trying to set up the U2F-Proxy on my System. I’m using the fedora 39 minimal template for my sys-usb. I have the nitrokey fido2. I’ve tried the documentation and a lot of forum post, but sadly no luck. My guess is that some package is missing, because of the minimal template, but i have no clue anymore. Should i try a normal template if that is the problem or what could be the problem?

Yes! If that succeeds, then you’ve got the U2F proxy working and can take the next step towards a version based on a minimal template knowing that you’ve followed the instructions successfully.

If that fails, then you know that your minimal template is probably not the cause of your issues and save yourself some effort troubleshooting.

The minimal templates are an advanced feature etc. bla bla bla (I’m sure you know all that.). For what is worth, in my experience, going step by step often saves effort troubleshooting. In this case I’d consider stro by step to be: first standard template as the docs expect, then minimal template. Of course, YMMV!

The proxy works now. I just changed it to the full f39 template. It seems like some package is missing in the minimal template. Is there a way i can find out which one is missing? Or atleast debloat the full one a bit? I’m on the x230 and it seems like that the full templates are getting a bit too much for it.

After some trial and error, i just installed every package that listed on the minimal template documentation site under ‘Commonly used utilities’ and it works now with the minimal template. Even though none of the packages seem to handle anything related to USB.

And someone should change the listed audio package in the documentation, afaik Qubes changed its soundserver in 4.1 or 4.2. Listed is ‘pulseaudio-qubes’ and it throws confliction errors, ‘pipewire-qubes’ works.