Help me! QubesOS became unusable after installing coreboot

After installing Skulls(coreboot), CPU gets extremely hot and shuts down.

I installed thinkfan and set it to very strict settings, but it didn’t improve.

I can start it, but as soon as I start any VM, the temperature goes over 100 degrees.Tails is barely usable.

I think QubesOS recommends coreboot, so I asked if anyone had experienced this problem.

Laptop is lenovo x230

Did you try another system to see if it was specific to Qubes OS?

You should report this issue to Skulls.


Coreboot is often associated with high temperatures and poor power
control. The proprietary firmware that you have replaced does a better
job at this.
That said, if you are able to open up your machine, remove dust, clean the
fan and apply new thermal paste, this will go a long way to mitigating your
If you can follow simple instructions, and are competent with a
screwdriver, you should be able to do this. The x230 manual contain step
by step instructions on strip down.


i will try to follow your advice. if it does not improve, i will flash original bios.
thank you for your advice.


The Lenovo manuals are excellent guides.
Take it slow - store the screws in a sensible way, and be careful when
touching the components.
If you need help feel free to ask, but it is quite straight forward.


thermal paste have made my laptop cooler! thank you!
still hot but much better