Help me pick new desktop

Is there some certainty that Qubes will work with 14700 i7? Are there some workarounds maybe I can apply if it won’t work? I really don’t want to buy some old CPU…
Also, how do i check if the motherboard will work? I can choose from many at the moment, but this one looks nice

Will I be able to use RTX 4060 with sys-gui and attach 3 monitors? Maybe I didn’t understand what’s sys-gui…

What else should I check before I purchase?

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The MSI Z790-P can be used with Coreboot/Dasharo, if you care about open source firmware.

It’s almost identical to the Z690-A which is used in certified hardware


Ah! Thanks for that… I accept the fact I won’t be able to get rid of intel ME, but the Coreboot is a good addition to security and privacy.
There are differences between them… some noticeable… on the P version there’s no WiFi 7…

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That coreboot/dasharo thing is very confusing for me… If i get the z790-a in my post with i7 14700 will Qubes work?
And please answer about RTX 4060

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