Help installing qubes OS, will pay in crypto

Hey there, as the description reads, I need help installing Qubes 4.1.1 and am willing to pay for your time!

Please contact me on telegram, username: @Alpineview

In contacting me, please tell me of your willingness to help me and the name of your Qubes forum account!

As a way to insure you payment, I will pay you half if we get far enough into the process and full upon finishing the entire process!


IMO, this post smells of phish bait …

Qubes documentation is pretty good most of the time so, what are the goals of your install/specs of hardware being used which hasn’t been covered?

Is in on your new laptop

or your old laptop


… and is it still on USB sticks or is it an internal drive this time?

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Its on a ssd drive on my new laptop, I will mssg you if I need you (I will aldo provide a far more detailed explanation on signal or telegram)!

Wish you luck!

Are there any data on the SSD you intend to keep - or will you just wipe the entire drive during installation?

Are you stalled at the “An unknown error has occurred” from the topic “Error while trying to create a user after installing Qubes OS”?

I just found a random YouTube video about installing Qubes - does you issue happens, if you follow these steps:
– if so: At what point? - eg: Do you get to

Did you check the hash of the ISO to make sure you didn’t burn or etch or dd a corrupted ISO to your install medium?

Did you burn the iso to usb using dd again to make sure there weren’t errors in the burn process?