Help installing Firefox

I want to run the latest version of Firefox rather than ESR. So I downloaded the tar file from Mozilla and installed in the Debian 11 template. There is now a firefox.desktop file and a firefox-esr.desktop file in usr/share/applications. I can refresh the applications in the Qube settings and I can launch Firefox in the template.

In the app qubes however, it ain’t working. Here I also have two Firefox options but launching the new Firefox still brings up the ESR version.

Can anyone help?

I guess you problem is that /home is not inherited from the Template. You need to configure everything related to your home directory again in the AppVM. Maybe the path is wrong in the .desktop file?

I hope you are aware that it may decrease your security when you run anything in a Template. You can however revert your Template after any insecure action in it.

By the way, you could also run a later version of Firefox in a Fedora qube.

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probably go by first cloning the vanilla template, then also add sid(unstable) source to debian and install firefox (someone at debian/firefox) provides latest firefox: Debian -- Details of package firefox in sid (removing firefox-esr packge in that template would probably help avoiding mix ups)

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It’s actually installed in a folder that IS inherited but you were right in that some more fiddling with the path in firefox.desktop did eventually get me there.

Good idea to run Firefox in a separate Fedora cube. I’ll have a look at that.


I’m not sure I want to do that just for the one app. Though apparently there is such a thing as “apt pinning” that can be used to install just one app without enabling the entire Debian sid repository.