Help in setting up OpenBSD as a NetVM alongside Mirage-Firewall

So I was following these great instructions to the letter (my goal was to first set this up with the normal sys-firewall, then go and test a particular build of mirage-firewall that’s supposed to work in such a setup):

For me the problem happens when I’m installing OpenBSD at these steps:

Install OpenBSD in the “openbsd-21” HVM TemplateVM.
a. Assign interfaces. Your LAN interface to sys-firewall is going to be xn? For me, LAN is xn0 and WAN is em0.
b. Assign the static IP address from Step 7 above. For me it is to the “xn0” interface.
c. Change root password.
d. Shutdown the “openbsd-21” TemplateVM.

I can set the static IP address shown in the Qubes Manager to xnf0, but setting up em0 ethernet (or leaving it by default) doesn’t seem to work. I get this error that keeps popping throughout the install and after when I set it to autoconfig

em0: watchdog: head 4 tail 0 TDH 4 TDT 4

Would appreciate any help in resolving this issue.

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Maybe try following the instructions for OpenBSD Use OpenBSD as NetVM · Issue #5294 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Hardened BSD is a FreeBSD distribution, unrelated to OpenBSD.

The instructions in Use OpenBSD as NetVM · Issue #5294 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub are exactly the same as the ones I linked above. And I used OpenBSD, not Hardened BSD.

Oh ok, the issue title is wrong then.

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