Help for Tor users

I understand that icons do not work with Tor, but at least it would be great if the icons were shown as text because they did not appear. As a new programmer, I can say that this type of image is code that can be shown as text when it does not work.

Of course, maybe it can’t be shown as text because the icons are corrupted by tor. If so, I didn’t say anything.

This sounds like a Tor Browser issue. We don’t develop the Tor Browser. Rather, Qubes includes Whonix, which in turn includes the Tor Browser. You probably want to take this concern to the Tor Project.

Thank you for your reply. Is text set to appear when icons aren’t shown?

… and the least has with forum feedback…

I didn’t understand what you say.

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Are you referring to icons in the forum? If that’s the case, this is the right place to ask.


I apologize for didn’t understand if that was the case!

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Icons in the forum are blocked by tor browser for security reasons. As a new programmer myself, icons can also be set to appear as writing when they are not installed. I wonder if you made such an adjustment, but it could still be blocked by the tor browser? Perhaps you can help those who use tor browser by setting it to html when adjusting its appearance as writing?

Can you please be precise as to which items you are referring to, for example by sharing a picture?

I use Tor Browser myself and never had issues with icons in the Standard or Safer security. The safest is basically read-only mode on the forum, so I’m not counting on that one.

This actually seems like a Discourse problem (images with missing alt text).


I have no problem with icons. Also I don’t think it is Tor browser issue. It happens to me when using heavy paranoid settings with browser extensions like umatrix, trace, huac… Also, with security level sometimes in tor browser

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I don’t use Tor often for this forum, but I did launch tor within whonix and icon seems to be visible. However, I will note that some of the clicks that produce layovers (ie. clicking on a user’s profile image shows some basic information) doesn’t work in Tor. Browsing the forums I’m not anonymous so I don’t use Tor often and never noticed that before.

Yep. @Paranoid-user you should report this issue over on

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I’m using safest mode. I just saying for like this → <*img src=“paris.jpg” alt=“Paris” style=“width:150px”> When our picture doesn’t show up here, the name (Paris) is given as shown. Of course, this tor browser may also be different.

So as I said at the beginning, if possible, it would be very useful to translate it as text instead of icons. Example → For Tor users, “like” text will suffice instead of the like button icon.