Help decrypt the disk inside Qubes

Please help me decrypt the disk inside Qubes, I would be very grateful

This is how you mount the LVM image, if that is what you are trying to do.

Я хочу расшифровать диск, то есть удалить с него пароль, для дальнейших действий с ним.
I don’t know English, I communicate through a translator, I apologize in advance for the mistakes.

I already have Qubes OS installed on SSD, during installation I set an encryption password, I would like to decrypt the disk.

Do you want to

  1. decrypt the disk and use it
  2. remove the encryption from the partition


To do 2., I think you need to do something like:

  • unlock the LUKS partition
  • backup any data you wants to keep
  • re-create the partition without encryption
  • restore the backup

I’ve not tried it myself - just googled for “how to remove encryption from luks partition”.

Thank you! Do you need to do these actions in dom0?

I’m still not sure which one is your objective. :-/

@ChrisA is suggesting to you that you should follow the procedure of backing up your whole system, then formatting your SSD, installing Qubes from scratch without encryption, then restoring your backup. In this case, you will get practically the same system without encryption.

So, in other words, you should fully reinstall you Qubes OS from scratch and then restore your VMs from a backup.