Help! Can't disable testing templates

Hello, I’m not even sure if I enabled testing repos, but the following happened.
I reinstalled one of my templates from Qubes Template Manager. After reinstalling, the repository field says ‘qubes-templates-community-testing’. I went to Global Config > Updates, and realized at Template Repositories both ‘Community Templates’ and ‘Community Testing Templates’ are enabled (I enabled the first earlier, but definitely not the last one). I untick the boxes, click okay, but when I check the settings next time, they are enabled again, can’t disable them.

I also tried to remove my template, but I still have the same problem: stucked with the testing template and cannot reinstall the official one. I’m not a Qubes guru, even after lots of reading don’t know what to do. Help!

Just tested and you are right, unchecking “Community templates” will bring both back after saving. If you only uncheck “Community testing templates” it stays unchecked, so you can do that for now.

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