Help! Cant boot from USB after first boot

I’ve installed Qubes installer on USB using rufus on factory reset windows 11 laptop. All my BIOS setting has been changed to what Qubes recommends. I installed Qubes with installer USB on another large and fast USB 3.0. Everything works fine and I can login to my profile and use Qubes however I want. But as soon as I log out, shut down and remove the USB, I cannot boot from it again. I shut down insert USB and go to BIOS but the USB is not in the boot from list even though I was able to boot from it after installation. Why cant I boot from the USB even though I have other OS USBs that boot just fine?

Have you verified Secure Boot is disabled?

Did you select the option for “install sys-usb in a disposable VM”?

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Ignore that second question, I misread some of your post.

Yes secure boot is disabled and I changed a few other things in BIOS because I boot Tails from the same laptop useing a USB no problem.

Perhaps one of these could be helpful:

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From what those say I need to edit the EFI but what I dont understand is where to do that.

So I was just messing around in my BIOS and found the solution. I could not find what I did anywhere on the internet and ive been looking for days so I hope this can help somone. I advanced resetart to get into BIOS → Pluged in USB with Qubes installed → Troubleshoot → Advanced Options → UEFI Firmware Settings → Boot-> Enable Secure Boot-> Security → Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing → USB → Then I individually went into every file on the Qubes USB and selected to trust it and named it Qubes. Now when I go to boot options it lets me boot the Qubes USB. But because secure boot is enabled you have to do this for every OS you want to boot from USB. Im able to boot multiple OS USBs now by trusting the files even with secure boot enableb.

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Great. If that resolved your issue, please mark it as a solution, so it coul help other userss too, by increasin it’s visibility and transparency.

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Can you explain more. I am having the same issue. But in my BIOS there are not some options which you described.