Heads or osboot?

For a while, I was planning on flashing my Thinkpad T440p with osboot - convinced that its better than both Coreboot and Libreboot.

But today, I heard about heads and how it’s more security-hardened compared any of the firmware above.

So far, I know osboot offers a range of payloads to use like GRUB and seaBIOS, which osboot.org’s documentation recommends for BSD users although GRUB seems to have hardening features that I haven’t heard seaBIOS has - but then again, I am a complete stranger to this and haven’t done all my research which is why I’m opening this discussion here.

What significant comparison can anyone give me between heads and osboot/libreboot/coreboot?
How will heads enhance my hardware’s security? Does it have any similar features to osboot like reducing proprietary blobs? Does it disable Intel ME? Does it support both Linux and BSD?
Will it support my T440p?


osresearch.net have a read of heads wiki

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Heads or osboot? Maybe use both? I dunno, sorry if this isn’t helpful.

Heads allows one to verify if the computer has been tampered with verification with an external USB Key such as NitroKey version xx. Read the use on the websites, Insurgo and Nitrokey, Librem, (Purism, Librem Key)s they use this technique.

The developer of OSboot seems quite knowledgeable. Trustworthy.

Please let us know what your research reveals.