HDMI + Sound?

I ran across something weird that I don’t know if it is my setup or I’m missing something in a Qubes setting somewhere. I get audio from my speakers, or if I plug in headphones and switch the audio output to it. I’m trying to output video & audio to OBS, and only the video (not the audio in the video) comes through. The video goes out through HDMI just fine, but doesn’t have any audio I’m running Qubes 4.1.1 on a Purism Librem 14.

I could bet it’s about OBS settings somewhere, because years ago I had exactly the same problem with it under Windows while I still was using it. I can’t remember how I resolved it, but it was under OBS.

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Thanks; I’ll dig into it a bit. When I tried booting the laptop into PureOS I was able to switch the audio profile that used the HDMO, I’ll try searching for something in Qubes. I was able to find a setting for OBS on the host that worked when the presenting laptop was running PureOS, but haven’t on the Qubes side yet. Thanks again for the tip

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Click the sound icon → click audio mixer
Click configuration

Click the profile, and select a compatible option:
You should see:
Digital surround HDMI …
Digital Stereo HDMI …

Your laptop/the HDMI device connected may only support HDMI2/3 etc, select the one which works.
THere is sometimes a couple second delay in passing through, so be patient when selecting options.

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