HCL - Tuxedo Book XP14 Gen 12

Please find attached the system report for my laptop as detailed above.

Unfortunately I am very new to both Qubes and Linux so further testing for this report is difficult for me.

I can however relay the following information:

  • Qubes version 4.1 installs fine on this hardware, however the previous version installer would not run
  • There is an issue with ‘suspend’ where the system will lock up and the only way to continue is to physically power down the machine
  • Occasionally when booting up the sys-usb qube will not automatically start and needs to be started manually



Qubes-HCL-TUXEDO-TUXEDO_Book_XP14_Gen12-20211110-104236.yml (909 Bytes)


Thank you @Cubester for this HCL report, which is now online.

Is there still the problem with the usb-qube?
Asking to know if it was a problem which was solved with the stable release of qubes 4.1 or if it is a problem with the device